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LTLT is proud to offer the following resources: Property Management Investment Classes, E-filing, Do It Yourself Home Projects and Coin Xchange see below for meeting schedule and agenda

Property Investment Association
LTLT is launching it's premier Property Investment Association on December 11th at our office at 1314 Mt. Vernon Ave. This is an exciting and wonderful time for the company to open it's doors to the public and involve eager individuals in the wide arean of Property Investment. This opportunity is open to anyone from any economic background. We will discuss how to acquire property aboundon properties within your our neighborhood with little money. Members will have the benefits of all our resources as well as any legal documentation. Come out on joins us and bring all your questions and concerns, we will be glad to answer all your questions.

E-File Tax Returns

LTLT is hosting classes to teach online electronic tax filing classes. Within this class you will be able to file your own 2009 tax returns. This is a three hour class and these three hours can be broken into different sessions. For up three hours you will be provided with step by step guidance, equipped with the update tax filing knowledge and we will double check for errors before your taxes are filed. There total charge for the three hour class is $50.00.

                                                                 FEDERAL TAX
                                                              + OHIO STATE TAX
                                                               ALL FOR $50.00

If you don't have the time to attend the class. We provide an E-File service for just $100.00. Just drop off your W-2 and any other deductible information and we will file your taxes within 24 hours.
$25 OFF Use this towards your fee for e-filing done by our staff. Bring this to the office and a credit will go towards any taxes being e-filed by our staff. 
Not valid for in-class lesson sessions.

                                                                FEDERAL TAX
                                                             + OHIO STATE TAX
                                                               ALL FOR $100.00

To schedule a class contact Mrs. Jones at 614-668-2245 OR

Weekly Schedule

 November 2010

 Monday                  Wednesday            Friday                     Saturday               
 11 am- 12 noon  11 am- 12 noon  11 am- 12 noon  10 am- 1pm
 6 pm- 7pm  2 pm- 3pm  6 pm- 7pm  3 pm- 6pm


Do It Yourself Home Repair (DIYHR)
Free classes and refreshment will be provided
We only have 10 spaces available to contact us immediately regarding your class of interest by email at

 January 2010

Saturday 9            Saturday  16       Saturday 23               Saturday 30          
Replacing 2 prungs electrical outlets to 3 prungs  Laying Ceramic Tiles Floors  Laying Ceramic Tiles Floors  Drywall Installation
 10 am- 12 noon  10 am- 12 noon  10 am -12 noon  10-12 noon

Coin Xchange Program
LTLT has implemented a new program, in which we accept Euro coins and exchange them for US dollars . This process is quick and easy. Contact us today by email at to find out more


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